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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Instructions: Report of Guardian Cover Page

Instructions: Report of Guardian Cover Page
All guardians required to file periodic reports must complete the Report of Guardian Cover Page. This is a one-page document to which the appropriate report(s) will be attached.
The date of appointment should be filled in prior to the first numbered paragraph, even if the reporting period is different than that date. The start date and end date of the reporting period must be stated in the caption. Make sure to select appropriately as to the nature of your guardianship: Guardian of Person, Guardian of Estate, or Guardian of Both Person and Estate. This selection will guide you in choosing the appropriate reporting form(s) to attach to the Cover Page.
You must file the original report with the Surrogate. Check the judgment to see if you need to send copies of the report to anyone else. In most cases, this is not required because other individuals considered interested in the guardianship will be authorized to review the report at the Surrogate’s Court. Remember that there is a fee of $5/page for all documents filed with the Surrogate, including the Cover Page.
In a co-guardianship, all co-guardians must report as required by the judgment. Co-guardians may file a single Cover Page with all required information, but if the co-guardians reside in different places, it may be necessary to attach a separate page with the address and contact information for the additional co- guardian(s).