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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

46 :2B-8.7 Multiple attorneys-in-fact.

46 :2B-8.7  Multiple attorneys-in-fact.

   7.   Multiple Attorneys-In-Fact.

   a.   Unless the power of attorney expressly provides otherwise, all authority granted to multiple attorneys-in-fact may be exercised by the one or more who remain after the death, resignation or disability of one or more of the attorneys-in-fact.

   b.   The power of attorney may provide that the attorneys-in-fact may act severally or separately.  If so provided, any one of the appointed attorneys-in-fact may exercise all powers granted.

   c.   The power of attorney may provide that the attorneys-in-fact shall act jointly.  If so provided then, subject to subsection a., the concurrence of all appointed attorneys-in-fact is required to exercise any power.

   d.   If the power of attorney does not expressly provide whether the attorneys-in-fact are to act severally or separately, or are to act jointly, such attorneys-in-fact must act jointly.

   e.   The power of attorney may provide that the attorneys-in-fact act successively.  Unless the power of attorney otherwise provides for the conditions under which a successor is qualified to act, the successor may act only upon the death, the written resignation, or the disability of the predecessor named attorney-in-fact.